Heartland Season 15: Everything We Know

It’s that time of the year again where we’re just days away from the premiere of the newest season of Heartland. And what a joyful moment this is.

So, in honor of that, I thought I’d put together an article on everything there is to know about the upcoming season!

From new and returning cast members to episode titles, the trailer for season 15 and more, here’s what we can expect from Heartland season 15!

But before we jump into the article, this is your official spoiler warning.

If you don’t what to know anything about the new season then click off this article now! Otherwise, let’s see what information I have gathered about season 15 of Heartland!

Heartland season 15 release date

As always, the first and most important thing is when the new season will premiere.

And unlike other years when the launch date was revealed a short while before the actual premiere, this year we were lucky and got the official season premiere date with the news that Heartland was renewed for season 15!

So, when does Heartland season 15 premiere on CBC?

The answer is on Sunday, October 17 at 7 pm (7:30 pm NT).

What will Heartland season 15 be about?

Thanks to Heartland’s page on the CBC media center website, we have the official logline for season 15 of Heartland.

It reads:

“The Bartlett-Fleming family has learned a hard lesson: life is short and you have to live each day to the fullest. In season 15 of Heartland, they will put what they learned into practice. Last season, Amy said goodbye to the past. This season, she embraces the future – raising her daughter, working with the horses who continue to heal her, branching out into a new phase of her life and profession. She is moving forward and feels determined to leave a legacy. In fact, Jack, Lisa, Lou, and Tim have all decided that now is not the time to pull back, but to ramp up, to create new dreams and fulfill old ones. And, as they always do, the family will pull together to help each other… and will ultimately end up stronger than ever.”

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So, it looks like things will only be picking up the pace this season. And we will see all the main characters trying out new things, taking on new challenges, and continuing to learn how to balance a career, family, and love.

All with a little help from each other.

Heartland season 15 trailer

On October 4th Heartland celebrated the new season and the premiere of season 15 (which also just so happens to be the show’s 225th episode) by putting on a Virtual Fan Day event on the official Heartland Youtube channel.

And during this event, we got treated to a trailer for Heartland season 15.

The trailer shows the Bartlett-Fleming clan going through good times and bad this season.

And by the looks of things, in season 15 we will see everything from a break-in and Jack shooting at something or someone (maybe the guy who shot Ty in the season 12 finale?) to Lyndy missing her dad and Tim possibly pondering taking the next step with Jessica.

It looks like it’s shaping up to be an exciting season, doesn’t it?

Season 15 episode titles and descriptions

As per usual, we don’t know much about the upcoming season ahead of time. But, as the episodes of the new season start to air, we do start to get a few tidbits of information here and there.

And one of them is the name of the episodes and their descriptions.

So, here are the Heartland episode titles, airdates, and descriptions that are currently available (I will update this list as more are published):

  • Heartland episode 1501 titled “Moving Toward the Light” (airing on October 17th): Amy must help a skeptical performer, and her pair of matched liberty horses work together again; Jack unexpectedly buys Mitch’s herd of cattle; Tim returns from his trip with a surprise for everyone.
  • Heartland episode 1502 titled “Runaway” (airing on October 24th): A wild stallion escapes from Sam’s ranch during a burglary and Amy will stop at nothing to find him. Lisa’s latest business investment is at risk. Tim and Jessica adjust to life back at Heartland.
  • Heartland episode 1503 titled “Bad Moon Rising” (airing on October 31st): Amy discovers a teen with a gift for horses at Cooper’s therapy centre, Lou is pressured to shut the centre down over recent break-ins and Lisa has Jack install a security system with Parker’s “help”. 
  • Heartland episode 1504 titled “Sins of a Father” (airing on November 7th): After a break-in at Heartland, unwelcome memories of his father flood to Jack, Amy and Logan work with a wild horse, and Tim and Parker form an unlikely duo to find the stolen goods.
  • Heartland episode 1505 titled “Blood and Water” (airing on November 14th): Amy and Shadow find themselves in jeopardy on a cattle drive. Lou feels overlooked when the issue of Heartland Beef’s succession plan is raised. Parker and Katie babysit Lyndy and things go awry.
  • Heartland episode 1506 titled “Happy Ever After” (airing on November 21st): Tim and Jessica’s attempt to throw a “small party” snowballs. Lou struggles to hide a revived past relationship from the family. Amy and Logan continue to work with the wild horse.
  • Heartland episode 1507 titled “Bluebird”(airing on November 28th): The man who shot Ty returns to Hudson and Amy and the rest of the family grapple with how to react. Jessica enlists Katie and Parker’s help to deal with a demanding Dude Ranch guest while Lou is away.
  • Heartland episode 1508 is titled “Brand New Day” (airing on December 5th): Hudson hosts a lumberjack competition and Amy must retrain a Clydesdale and his owner to compete in the draft horse race. Tim throws his hat in the ring. Lou tries to avoid a date with Fred Garland.
  • Heartland episode 1509 is titled “The Long Game” (airing on December 12th): Amy enters Spartan into an endurance race after realizing he’s not ready to retire, Jack is set on gentling an unbroke horse despite the danger, and Lou and Katie reveal hidden feelings while camping.
  • Heartland episode 1510 is titled “Leaving a Legacy” (airing on December 19th): Amy debates what to do when she receives money from an unexpected source. Lisa’s racing plans are in jeopardy after an accident. Tim worries when Jessica is hiding something. Lou makes a big decision.

Returning cast for Heartland season 15

Another important part of Heartland is the cast that plays all the characters we’ve come to love over the past 14 seasons of Heartland. And it looks like many of your favorites will be back for Heartland season 15!

First and foremost, we can promise you that Amber Marshall will be back as Amy Fleming, Shaun Johnston will return as Jack Bartlett and Michelle Morgan will reprise her role as Lou Fleming (as well as will direct episodes 1507 and 1508) since all three of these actors have been regularly posting on their social media from the set of season 15.

Also returning from the main cast are Chris Potter as Tim Fleming (and as the director of episodes 1503 and 1504), Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman, Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy Borden, Kerry James as Caleb O’Dell, Madison Cheeatow as Jade Virani, Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris, Michelle Nolden as Jessica Cook, Aidan Moreno as Rick Adderly (who we will learn more about this season), and Ava Tran as Parker Yang.

From what I can gather from social media posts, Kate Drummond will also be back as Paula Westfield. Adrian Spencer will return as Cooper Huse. And Jenny Steele will reprise her role as Emma Fitzroy from the Heartland season 14 finale.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michelle Morgan (@michellemorgan_)

Finally, thanks to some behind-the-scenes footage of the cast messing up their lines while filming Heartland season 15 that was shown during the Heartland Season 15 Virtual Fan Event, we also can confirm that Nathaniel Arcand will be back as Scott Cardinal  (the last time we saw Scott was in Heartland season 11 episode 16).


And during the fan event, we also saw some footage of Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston, Greg Lawson as Clint Riley, and Ivan Cermak as Fred Garland. So all of these characters will be seen on Heartland season 15.

No word on how many episodes will Alisha Newton be back for as Georgie Fleming Morris, though. Or if Jordan Burtchett will be back as Quinn McGregor or Kevin McGarry will return as Mitch Cutty since we haven’t really seen these actors in any of the behind-the-scenes production shots.

But never say never. Their return might be kept under wraps to surprise the viewers. Or they might be in just a few scenes this season. So, we will just have to watch the new season and see!

New cast members for season 15

As with each new season, we’re introduced to new characters and therefore new actors join the Heartland cast. And season 15 is no different!

Ziya Matheson has played Lou and Peter’s daughter Katie Fleming-Morris since season 12 when she replaced Julia Maren Baker who played the character since season 8.

Well, it looks like in Heartland season 15 Katie will look different once more because Ziya Matheson decided to move on from the show and she will be replaced by Canadian actor Baye McPherson, who will play Katie going forward.

Baye has also been posting a tone of behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram (like the photo of her and Amber Marshall below) so you might want to go follow her as I’m sure we will be getting more BTS content as the new episodes start to air.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Baye McPherson (@bayemcphersonofficial)

In addition to Baye McPherson now playing Katie, Drew Davis will also appear in Heartland season 15 as 17-year old Logan.

And as per Heartland’s official blog, Logan is a “troubled soul who masks his insecurity with cocky bravado. He’s a moody rebel to whom everything is a joke. He can be a naturally charismatic ring leader at times but coolly disinterested and detached at others. But all of his coolness is a front. Underneath, he takes things very seriously with intense emotions just under the surface. Logan has a gift that he doesn’t even know about until he meets Amy.”

So we might be seeing another troubled kid arrive at the Heartland ranch this season, much like Ty did in season 1 or Luke did in season 12.

But we will just have to wait and see how exactly Logan ends up at Heartland. However, I have a feeling Clint Riley, Ty’s old parole officer, might have something to do with that again since we did see him in some footage of season 15 shown during the Heartland Season 15 Launch Event.

Last thoughts

So, what did you think about the season 15 trailer? Did you enjoy all the new footage and BTS images and video that I’ve gathered from the upcoming season? And what are you most excited to see during the new season?

Let me know in the comments below!

I know I want to know why all the characters get dressed up for something this season (as seen in the above Instagram post shared by Michelle Morgan). Could it be a wedding? Or maybe the opening of Cooper’s horse therapy center? I can’t wait to find out!

And I’m also excited to see Lou and Peter get close again since in the behind-the-scenes footage of season 15 it looked like they might be talking about giving their marriage another go!

Don’t forget to tune in for the Heartland season 15 premiere on Sunday, October 17th on CBC and CBC Gem! Or come back here to tvshowpilot.com to read the recap of each new episode the next day!


  1. I’ve had a feeling all along that Lou & Peter would get back together and hope they do. Amy & Cooper would make a great couple. I just finished season 14 and feel lost so really looking forward to season 15.

  2. I can’t get enough of Heartland! my husband and I started watching during the pandemic and since then I myself have watched from season 1 at least 5 or 6xs (no lie) – here’s hoping and praying for Season 16!!!!

  3. I have always loved Heartland. I don’t understand why the writers don’t get Lou and Scott back together. Their story line got cut too short – WHY? Lou loved him and even asked Scott to marry her. I think Scott was a little intimidated by Lou and felt she was looking for a better man. However, Scott is the man for Lou. What are the writers thinking about????
    This would be the greatest story line for Lou. Her and Scott were so terrific together. Now that he is older – and has become a much more confident person – I’m waiting to see the day when Scott purposes to Lou. What a beautiful wedding that will be. Please writers – reconsider. Everybody I know who watches Heartland want those two together forever.
    Lynn Sellars

  4. Have watched heartland for a few years and couldn’t believe it stopped at season 14 episode 10 !! I have no idea how we can watch season 15 here in Australia. We feel lost without our favourite show. Please inform us how we can pick up season 15

    1. Apart from getting a VPN and watching season 15 on CBC Gem, you will either just have to wait for Australian streaming services to pick up the newest season or check if you can get UP Faith & Family in Australia since season 15 will be streaming there in March.

  5. I have watched every episode of all 14 seasons of Heartland at least twice. I discovered Heartland as a streaming television series on the Roku Channel after we cut the cord and got rid of Cable & Direct TV. I was so hooked into the series that I would binge watch 6 or 7 episodes in one sitting. I felt like I was into a really GOOD Book and couldn’t put it down or stop watching. I cried many tears throughout the seasons and felt a little let down with the ending of season 14. There just feels like there is so much more story to tell and I am so happy to see there is a Season 15, will start looking to stream the episodes here in the states. Can’t wait to see how the story goes from here.

  6. My husband and I love this show. The acting and plots are so realistic. Hoping new season comes to the USA soon! Really looking forward to it with great anticipation. Many thanks to the writers, actors, handlers and production crews.

  7. I hope lou and peter don’t get back together – they fought way too much and are not compatible – it was disturbing to watch them go at it, and he wouldn’t stay in heartland and even avoided going home – then mitch came along, and he wanted to stay there, and build a life and a business with her family, not alienate lou from them like peter. and lou really fell for him. He was calm and kind and was such a support for her kids. I was hoping that she was going to end up pregnant after she told him she didnt want another one, sometimes things happen that way and the unexpected makes things so much better, and they would get married and make a blended new family, like what happens in a lot of families, that’s more organic then the fairytale of an outdated couple reuniting. I think lou is elegant and lovable. the big sister every girl wants – she is an amazing actress and I hope she never leaves heartland. i thought she and mitch would end up married, and they would build a house on heartland and then when lou needs to be absent from the show she wouldn’t need to take a trip, she just actually stayed home to do laundry, and the kids can run over the field to visit and have to go home when its bedtime. haha but maybe they will do that with peter who knows.

    i love amber marshall, her youtube videos are so amazing she really is a true ambassador for heartland and expresses herself so effortlessly, i could listen to her talk all day. its so refreshing that she keeps in contact with graham and it makes us fans feel better about him leaving, knowing that they all are still close and he’s not really gone. I hope he does come back, maybe as a director, or a producer or even help with the writing. I think it was his home for so long, that he will circle back to it one day, after he completes his new journey, that he needs to do for his own life.

    I can’t wait to see the new season, it sounds exciting and I am so happy for Amber that she finally can stop crying and shine as Amy continues on her own new journey. I hope Heartland runs for as many years as she wants it to. And Sean and Chris stay on with them and lou for many many years to come.

    Good job on a beautiful show it’s my favorite show of all time.

  8. I was disappointed my cable channel on FIOS cancelled Heartland. I stumbled on this awesome series by luck and I love everything and all things about this terrific show of talent and story line. I hope my cable stations will pick up Season 15. If not I will purchase the DVD. Love Heartland❤️❤️

  9. I stumbled across Heartland… And I love the show… These people are so very talented. Amber Marshall is so talented with the horse. Love the show so much… Thank you guys for this show and I hope it will be on a lot longer…

  10. My husband and I watched 13 seasons together and we enjoyed it so so much! It quickly became our favorite show of shows! He passed away from terminal illness just prior to Season 14 release. How ironic that Amy was grieving Ty as I was/am grieving my husband. I cried through the entire season 14 but also felt like the show was there to help me get through the grieving stages. They did a great job of that! I even contemplated on whether or not I would watch Season 14 as I wasn’t sure I could take another “loss”. In the end I’m glad I did and I am looking forward to Season 15. Thank you cast and crew for showing “life” so raw and real!

  11. i won’t be trading mitch for peter, so like mitch seems to be doing, i’m movin on

  12. My wife and I have greatly enjoyed all 14 seasone of Heartland. So disappointed that we can’t get the seasons as they come out. We will be patiently waiting until it comes to the U.S.. God bless you.

      1. Please get Scott and Lou back together, please. It would add such beauty to the show. Keep looking for Scott to propose to Lou. She asked him once, but she was a little intimidating to him. Scott has matured and can handle this union. Like he said in one episode, it was the biggest mistake of his life not to marry Lou. The best story line for sure.

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