All Your Burning Heartland Questions Answered

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When it comes to CBC’s Heartland, there have been many questions the fans of the show have been asking over the course of the seasons. They range from what happens to Lou and Peter to questions about Mallory as well as inquiries about Ty’s faith on Heartland season 10. This is why I thought I should do a blog post answering some of the most popular Heartland questions, so you have the answers all in one place.

Fair warning though, this post does contain Heartland spoilers, so keep that in mind. Especially if you haven’t seen all of the show’s seasons.

Do Heartland’s Lou and Peter get a divorce on the show?

One of the most popular questions out there is what happened to Lou and Peter in Heartland. Do they divorce? Or do they get back together? So I thought I start this questions and answers post with that.

And, unfortunately, there isn’t a happy answer to this question, because, yes, Lou and Peter do get a divorce.

This storyline started in Heartland season 8 and dragged all through season 9, with them dealing with the separation, telling their daughters about it and finally deciding to divorce.

But only on season 10 episode 10 Lou and Peter actually sign divorce papers.

It officially confirmed that they are in fact divorced now. However, this step actually kind of brought the two closer together. And although it didn’t result in the two getting back together, they continue to co-parent their two daughters, Georgie and Katie, as a cohesive parenting unit.

Do Lou and Peter get back together on Heartland?

As the last sentence of the previous question confirms, Lou and Peter didn’t get back together on Heartland season 10, season 11 or even season 12. However, over the course of the seasons, there were a couple of Heartland moments that did make us think that it might happen.

For example, in season 8 Lou and Peter shared sweet moments in the last two episodes of the season. Which even resulted in Georgie thinking that her parents might get back together.

Then, although in season 9 we saw Lou leaving her engagement and wedding rings on Peter’s apartment’s counter, there were a few hopeful moments between the two as well.

And in season 10 Peter got involved with Lou’s business venture, which also brought them together rather than further apart. For a while, at least.

But ultimately, the parents of two didn’t get back together. Not until season 15 that is.

As season 14 progressed, we saw Lou and Mitch’s relationship slowly deteroarate and at the end of season 14 Lou and Mitch officially broke up. On top of that, Peter also called Lou and admitted that he still had feelings for Lou.

So, season 15 saw Lou deal with that revelation and trying to figure out what her feelings towards Peter are and if them getting back together would be the best move for them as well as their daughters.

However, by the end of season, the two couldn’t deny their feelings towards each other anymore and in the season 15 finale the two decided to officially get back together and even told Katie about it, with a trip to Florida planned during which they would tell their news to Georgie as well.

Do Heartland’s Lou and Scott get married?

I am not quite sure where this question comes from, because if you are caught up on Heartland, then you know that Lou and Scott are nothing more than friends. However, for those still curious, no, Lou and Scott didn’t get married.

They did kind of date in Heartland season 1. And in Heartland season 2 episode 5 Lou did propose to Scott. However, in the next episode, they already broke up.

And by the end of Heartland season 2 Lou was already seeing her now ex-husband Peter. So sorry to all the Lou and Scott shippers out there, but they never did get to walk down the aisle.

Where to watch Heartland season 1

However, if you love Lou and Scott as a couple, then you should definitely watch Heartland season 11 episode 13. Because they share a heated kiss on that episode.

And, even though they decide to stay friends in the very next episode, I think the kiss is a nice treat to all the Lou and Scott fans out there. Since for a brief moment, you could imagine what it would be like if Lou and Scott got back together.


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Do Lou and Mitch get together on Heartland season 10?

This question has probably been on everybody’s mind ever since we met Heartland’s new ranch hand Mitch and saw the chemistry he had with Lou. And to put your mind at ease, yes, Lou and Mitch do get together during Heartland season 10.

Unfortunately, by the end of the season, we were not sure about the future of this couple. Mainly because on Heartland season 10 episode 18 we saw Mitch leaving Heartland without saying Lou goodbye and taking all of his stuff with him.

Yet Mitch was back in Heartland ranch in both seasons 11 and 12. And in season 13 episode 6 Lou and Much were very much together and even bought a ranch of their own.

However, by the end of the season, it looked light their lives might be going in different directions once again. And at the end of season 14, the two officially split up.

Does Mallory come back to Heartland?

Ever since Mallory left Heartland to go to Paris in season 7 episode 4, the fans of the show have been wanting to see Mallory again. And on the latest show’s season, our wishes were granted because on Heartland season 10 episode 13 Mallory was back in Canada and back in Heartland.

And I have to say that the two-episode arc for Mallory was pretty great.

It showed us how Mallory has changed over the years. And it also was an amazing treat for fans of the show. Especially, because Mallory wasn’t the only character to come back during episodes 13 and 14 of season 10. Jake was back, too.

And the two will visit Heartland in season 16 once again.

What happened to Mallory and Jake on Heartland season 10?

As you hopefully already read, Mallory did come back to Heartland during season 10 of the show. And with her came also Jake.

But what happened to Mallory and Jake on Heartland season 10? And who does Mallory end up on Heartland? Read on to find out!

So the reason for Mallory’s homecoming was that Jake proposed, but, Mallory not knowing what to say or think, made a snap decision to return home.

At first, she pretended that everything was fine. But as Heartland season 10 episode 13 went on we got the feeling that everything might not be as rosy as Mallory painted it to be. And then at the very end of the episode, Jake showed up as well, asking Mallory to talk.

It turned out that Mallory had run from her life in Europe because everything wasn’t going quite as well as she had hoped. But when Jake came back, too, they talked and decided to get married the very next day.

However, during their celebratory engagement dinner, Mallory changed her mind, leaving Jake devastated. Following the disastrous dinner, Mallory decided to go back to London, while Jake set his mind on driving down to Mexico.

Fortunately, both halves of the couple realized how much they love each other and reconciled.

On top of that, they also went through with their plan of getting married and said their vows in the barn in a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by their Heartland family.

So that is the condensed version of what happened to Mallory and Jake during the two episodes they were back on our favorite family drama.

Where to watch Heartland season 10

When does Ty come back in Heartland season 10?

Heartland season 10 threw us for quite a loop when Ty decided to go to Mongolia with Bob to exercise his veterinary skills and help save the Gobi bears.

And it was early in the season too, as Ty left Heartland for Mongolia on season 10 episode 4. So for all of season 10 we were wondering if and when does Ty comes back from Mongolia.

It wasn’t until Heartland season 10 episode 17 that Ty was back on Canadian soil. And even then he didn’t quite come back the same as he left. Meaning that Ty came back very sick and was fighting for his life all through the episode. But does it mean that Ty dies in Heartland season 10?

No, Ty doesn’t die. How could he with his and Amy’s child about to come into the world?

He did flatline for a bit in episode 17, which forced his subconscious to address the question of if he will be a good father to their baby. But, luckily, Ty pulled through and by the end of episode 18, Ty had a clean bill of health.

So Ty or Graham Wardle, who plays Ty definitely isn’t leaving Heartland. And you can be sure to see much more of Ty in the next seasons.

When does Heartland’s Amy give birth?

All through Heartland season 10 we watched Amy’s belly grow. And as much as I wanted for Amy and Ty’s baby to be born before the Heartland season 10 finale, that wasn’t the case. So Amy gave birth to their daughter only on Heartland season 10 episode 18.

Luckily Ty was there to support his wife every step of the way, with their family waiting for next just downstairs to meet baby Lyndy.

What happens to Georgie and Adam in Heartland season 10?

Then another Heartland couple’s question that has been frequently asked is what happens to Georgie and Adam in Heartland season 10.

In season 9 we saw the teenager get together, and at the beginning of season 10, they were navigating through their relationship as best as they could.

But, unfortunately, on Heartland season 10 episode 13 the couple broke up, mainly due to the fact that Adam didn’t really trust Georgie.

Luckily, by the end of Heartland season 10, Georgie and Adam did manage to become friends again.

But, since then, Georgie moved on with Wyatt, then Dylan, and then finally settled down with Quinn in season 14, so it looks like Georgie and Adam will remain just friends.

Who dies in season 12 of Heartland?

Episode 10 of Heartland season 12 had us really worried that one of Heartland’s main characters is going to die. However, although a character’s death was announced during the episode, it wasn’t Jack, Ty, Lisa or any of the other main characters.

So, who died in season 12 of Heartland?

It was Jack’s old friend Will Vernon. You might remember him, played by Nicholas Campbell, from Heartland’s Christmas special A Heartland Christmas. Or the several other Heartland episodes that the character has appeared in. But sadly, as of Heartland season 12 episode 10 Will will only be a fond memory in Jack, Amy and the rest of the Bartlett-Fleming clan’s minds.

Who is June Bartlett on Heartland?

Heartland season 13 introduced us to a new character – June Bartlett. And during season 13 episode 3 it was revealed that June Bartlett, played by Canadian actress Carol Huska, was Jack’s sister who passed away when she was just 17 years old.

Will there be Heartland season 11?

Although for a long time we weren’t sure if there will be a Heartland season 11, as CBC took their sweet time to make the announcement. But, fortunately, now we know that Heartland did get renewed for season 11.

Where to watch Heartland season 11

Do we know the Heartland season 11 release date?

The Heartland season 11 premiere was on Sunday, September 24, 2017!

When will Heartland season 11 be on Netflix?

Since Heartland season 11 started airing on CBC on September 24, 2017 and concluded its run on April 8, 2018, and since each Heartland season is added to Netflix US a year after it finishes its run on CBC, we had to wait quite a while for the season to be added to Netflix.

But the wait is finally over, Heartland season 11 was added to Netflix US on August 1st, 2019.

Will there be a Heartland season 12?

Good news for all Heartland fans out there, Heartland was renewed for season 12 on April 26, 2018. Heartland season 12 consists of 11 episodes and it premiered on January 6, 2019, on CBC.

While Heartland season 12 premiered in the US on Thursday, July 25, 2019, on UP Faith & Family. And will begin airing on UPtv on October 2, 2019, at 9 pm eastern time. You can read our reviews of all the Heartland season 12 episodes here.

Is Heartland ending? Or will there be a Heartland season 13?

The question on many fans’ minds is whether Heartland is ending with season 12 or not. This speculation stems from the fact that season 12 is shorter than the last 10 seasons have been (season 1 was 13 episodes long, the rest have been 18 episodes). But now we can confirm that Heartland is definitely not ending. At least not with only 12 seasons under the show’s belt. Because the show got renewed for season 13 by CBC on April 25, 2019.

However, even if Heartland did get renewed for another season, don’t forget to still keep the momentum going and show your appreciation by talking about the show on social media as well as watching on CBC Gem, Netflix, Prime Video, UP Faith & Family and any other network that airs or lets you stream Heartland. Because the more people watch Heartland and make noise about the show on social media, the bigger the chance that there will be more seasons of Heartland.

How many seasons of Heartland are there?

As of right now, there are 15 seasons of Heartland in total. 

Will there be a Heartland season 14?

We can confirm that there will, indeed, be a season 14 of Heartland! CBC Television renewed Heartland for season 14 on May 27, 2020. The season will consist of 10 episodes.

Where to watch Heartland season 13

When does Heartland season 13 premiere?

The Heartland season 13 premiered in Canada on CBC on Sunday, September 22, 2019. While in the US Heartland premiered on UP Faith & Family on Thursday, February 13, 2020, and on UPtv on Thursday, June 4th, 2020.

When will Heartland season 13 be on Netflix US?

Good news for all who love Heartland and have a Netflix subscription, because as of February 1st, 2021 Heartland season 13 is on Netflix US.

When does Heartland season 14 premiere?

It was recently announced that Heartland season 14 will premiere on CBC on Sunday, January 10, 2021, at 7 pm!

Is Graham Wardle leaving Heartland? Does Ty die in season 14?

Now that season 14 has premiered, we finally know Ty’s faith.

During the opening scenes of Heartland season 14 episode 1 we see Ty have a blood clot which, sadly, leads to Ty passing away. So yes, unfortunately, Ty does die in Heartland season 14.

The rest of season 14 takes place a year after Ty’s death and sees Amy coping with the passing of her husband.

In a message to fans (that you can watch below), Graham Wardle explained that he felt that it was time for him to move on to the next chapter of his life. And, although it was a hard decision to make, he hopes that the way his exit was handled will honor Heartland and Ty’s journey during his 14 seasons on the show.

Who shot Amy and Ty on Heartland season 13?

In Heartland season 13 episode 10, we saw Ty and Amy get injured while talking near the construction site of their home. And not just injured, they got shot. But who shot them?

It was one of Hudson’s mayoral candidate J. D. Werth’s men.

Werth asked his associate to shoot the wolf that has been coming near people’s homes due to a housing project Werth was building near a wildlife corridor. But instead of shooting the wolf, the man shot Amy in the shoulder and Ty in the side.

When will Heartland season 14 air in the US?

Good news for all the Heartland fans living in the United States, Heartland season 14 will premiere on UPTV’s streaming service UP Faith & Family on May 6th, 2021!

Where to watch Heartland season 14

Will there be a Heartland season 15?

It’s official, Heartland will be back for season 15.

The season 15 renewal was announced by Amber Marshall on June 2nd, 2021. Heartland season 15 consists of 10 episodes and premiered in Canada (on CBC and CBC Gem) on Sunday, October 17.

Where can I watch Heartland season 15?

For those living in Canada, you can watch Heartland season 15 anytime you want on CBC Gem.

US fans will be able to watch Heartland season 15 on UP Faith & Family starting Thursday, March 17th.

Will there be a Heartland season 16? When does it premiere?

It’s official, Heartland was renewed for season 16. The season consisted of 15 episodes and premiered on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022.

According to the IATSE Local 212 (the Union of Stage, Motion Picture and Scenic Artists and Technicians in Southern Alberta) website, Heartland began shooting season 16 on June 6th (with the end date listed as November 30th). So you can expect to see behind-the-scenes photos and filming updates all throughout this time period.

Want to know more about the upcoming season? Then check out our article on everything you need to know about Heartland season 16.

Who does Robert Cormier play on Heartland?

With the tragic news of the sudden passing of Robert Cormier, a lot of Heartland fans, who maybe haven’t seen season 15 yet, are wondering who did the actor play on the show.

So, I’m here to answer that question.

Robert Cormier played Finn Cotter, a gifted farrier who we met in Heartland season 15 episode 8 when Finn helped Amy work with his grandfather’s draft horse Butch and gave Spartan corrective shoeing to help with the horse’s arthritis.

And during the time Amy and Finn spent together, it seemed that there were some sparks between the two, especially after their talk about feeling guilty about moving on and finding happiness with someone else.

Finn was also part of Heartland season 16.

In season 16 Amy and Finn’s relationship deepened despite the fact that Finn was not forthcoming with Amy when it comes to his private life.

But eventually, Finn returned home to Kindersley to rekindle the romance with his ex-fiancée.

Is Heartland season 17 happening?

Yes, Heartland was renewed for season 17 on Monday, May 8th, 2023.

Heartland season 17 consisted of 10 episodes and premiered on October 1st, 2023.

Has Heartland been renewed for season 18?

Yes, Heartland has, indeed, been renewed for season 18!

Season 18 will have ten episodes and will begin airing on CBC and CBC Gem this fall!


  1. Why does Lou and Peter get divorced in Heartland. Surely the story could be better. Don’t want her ending up with Mitch

  2. Hi I watched the Ty passing and it broke my heart ..what a shame after all he and Amy went through only to end there there could have been so much more for them so many story lines. I understand why but I wish it was later .If ty decides to come back just do like the day time soaps do and make it all a dream .

  3. when will heartland season 14 be air in the US and through what source? just signed up for netflix bc I was told it would have season 14. in my opinion netflix is a waste of money as it only has seasons 1-11.
    up faith & family is less than half price of netflix and has seasons 1-13. still waiting on 14.

    1. My guess is that season 14 will be on UP Faith & Family sometime this summer or fall. Netflix is much slower in getting the newer seasons of Heartland so if you’re looking to get a streaming service for watching Heartland, UP F&F is definitely the way to go!

  4. Love Heartland series ❤. Ty was amazing and they honored him in a wonderful way. Yes it was shocking but that is life. You don’t always know when someone is going to pass. But Graham said it best life does continue and your loved ones are always with you even when they are gone. Please continue to make the series. Like I said love it!

  5. I wish ty Borden didn’t die he was the best friend the best role model the best care giver the best hard worker the best husband and the best father on the show I know how hard it is for Amy and Lyndy to lose ty it’s hard to lose someone you love well miss seeing you ty well miss your smile your laugh and the way you help any through everything

  6. One of the best shows I’ve had the privilege to watch. love all the caritors they blend together so well. So please CBC keep making Heartland.

  7. Just watched 1st epidode season14. Not happy how can it continue with Ty gone. Amy & Ty where some of the main characters
    Seeing him when she remembers him is not the same. They were so in love and it showed now it just will not work without these 2 together!!!!

    1. I disagree, Sharon. I think it can work, especially since Graham’s exit from the show was handled with the love and care it deserved. And as sad as it is that Ty won’t be a part of Heartland going forward, I think it shouldn’t be the thing that makes or breaks the show. Loss is part of life, and since Heartland has always strived to tell real, meaningful stories, they will make sure to honor Ty’s life all through season 14 and hopefully (fingers crossed!) for seasons to come!

      1. I love the show. I am in the us and hope that BYU tv show the 13th 14th seasons…

  8. I am waiting for the release of 12, 13 and 14 to the USA, I love the series, is their any place I can purchase those series??

    1. I bought the entire DVD sets through Amazon Canada. I also have a subscription to Up Family and Family which has all the episodes. When Season 14 is released, they will start showing one episode a week as well.

  9. We love Heartland, we have watched all the way through season 11. Will season 12 and 13 be on Netflix any time soon. I sure hope so.

  10. I love this show much! I have only recently discovered it and it didn’t take long to become a Heartland junkie. I follow the actors on Instagram. I want more than anything for Amy & Ty to stay together FOREVER!

    1. I have read that Ty, Graham, will not be in Season 14 except in first episode. Is Graham leaving Heartland??? Will the Ty character not be on after Season 13?

      1. Yeah, there has been a lot of speculation about Graham Wardle leaving the show but honestly, I don’t know. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Luckily, season 14 premieres this Sunday so we will probably find out more about Ty’s faith then.

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