The CW’s Batwoman: Release Date, Synopsis, Trailer & More

In an age where our favorite comic superheroes have found themselves on the big screen, it isn’t surprising that superhero spin-offs just keep coming. And hey – we’re not complaining! While we’ll always be in love with the DC classics, it’s a refreshing change to see some new faces grace the screen. The newest of which is Batwoman.

Fans of The CW’s stream of superheroes series will remember the network’s three-episode crossover event named Elseworlds, where The CW’s heroes first crossed paths with Batwoman. It left fans wondering how long or short-lived the character would be. And thankfully, it’s the former.

Because recently The CW announced that they’ve given the go signal on the production of a new Batwoman series featuring Kate Kane, Batman’s cousin. Yes, it’s a cousin-to-the-rescue storyline similar to the same network’s Supergirl. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t break it, right?

Who’s in charge?

Unlike other shows that have experienced jumps from network to network, Batwoman is a tried-and-true The CW creation from script development to production.

The original script was written by Caroline Dries (Smallville, The Vampire Diaries). Who also serves as an executive producer alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Marcos Siega, and Geoff Johns (who co-created the characters).

David Nutter was originally set to direct the pilot but had to leave the gig for personal reasons. Though he stayed on as an executive producer. Siega replaced him in the directorial role.

What’s Batwoman about?

Taking from the trailer released in mid-May, Batwoman takes place in a DC timeline where Batman has abandoned Gotham City.

His cousin, Kate Kane, seems to be just a regular citizen – albeit trained in combat and an out lesbian. Going against her father’s wishes, she takes on the role of the vigilante protector with the help of Luke Fox, a Batman loyalist standing watch over the Dark Knight’s possessions.

Who’s playing who?

The eponymous lead was first announced in August 2018, with Australian model and actress Ruby Rose bagging the role. She initially received a lot of backlash after being cast. With the criticism coming from all sorts of angles. Some were complaining that she’s not of Jewish descent like the original character. While others attacked Rose’s sexual identification as gender-fluid, stating that she’s “not gay enough” to be cast for an openly lesbian character. You really can’t please everyone. But Rose took it in stride, stating in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she wants to adjust the terminology used to describe her sexuality to something that “doesn’t step on any toes”.

In addition to Rose, Camrus Johnson will play Luke Fox on the new Batwoman series. Rachel Skarsten will be taking up the role of Alice, the series’ villain. And Dougray Scott will portray Jacob Kane, Kate’s father.

While other actors who have landed a role in the series so far include Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, and Elizabeth Anweis.

When to catch it?

Although Batwoman is still early in the production stages, with only the first few episodes done filming so far (production for the remaining episodes will continue until the end of the year), we already have an official premiere date. Batwoman will begin her journey on Sunday, October 6th at 8/7 central, right before the season 5 premiere of Supergirl.

And The CW has already made official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for this new series. So, make sure you’re following those to be the first to know all the latest on Batwoman!

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