Week in retrospect: New OUAT Cinderella, female doctor, new and returning actors and GoT cameo

This last week we got a ton of very exciting news and a couple of great TV moments. From the reveal of the first female Doctor, a new OUAT Cinderella, and new The Gifted character posters. To new and returning actors and Ed Sheeran GoT cameo. This is Week in Retrospect: July 10 to 16.

TV News items

Doctor Who reveals their first female Doctor

Huge news came this past Sunday, when BBC’s Doctor Who revealed that the show’s newest Doctor will, in fact, be a female. She will be played by English actress Jodie Whittaker. And from the looks of the video that BBC released introducing their newest Doctor (video below), she is a perfect choice for the Thirteenth Doctor.

The Originals casts actress for teenage Hope Mikaelson

In the June 12 to 18 WiR there was a news item of a possible The Originals spin-off. And in the same post, we also mentioned that Hope Mikaelson is about to hit another growth spurt. Well, this past week the actress who will be playing Hope after this growth spurt was announced.

Teenage Hope will be played by Danielle Rose Russell. What do you think about this new addition to The Originals?

Jon Seda rejoins the Chicago P.D. cast

One of the major TV news items for this last week was the announcement that the actor Jon Seda will, in fact, continue to reprise his role as Antonio Dawson on Chicago P.D. after Chicago Justice was canceled.

Rumors and expectations about this were flying around since the moment we found out that the latest One Chicago spin-off series won’t continue past its initial first season. And this week we got a confirmation of this, along with the news that he is returning as series regular. And since Sophia Bush exited the series at the end of season four, there definitely is a spot open in the Intelligence Unit for the seasoned detective.

Fox’s The Gifted gets cool new character posters

In previous Week in Retrospect posts, we have already reported stuff about Fox’s newest TV series The Gifted. But this last week Fox revealed cool new moving character posters (the one for Jamie Chung’s Blink below) for all of the show’s main characters. These posters feature the characters with a short voice over from them. And they perfectly set the tone for what each mutant is all about. What do you think about them? Will you be tuning in on October 2 to see more of Blink and the other X-Men verse characters?

Dania Ramirez role on Once Upon a Time season 7 revealed

This past week Disney’s D23 Expo happened, which meant that we got a ton of news about all the TV shows and movies that are under the Disney umbrella. And, since Once Upon a Time also belongs in that category, we finally found out a bit more about the upcoming season 7 of the show.

The main news was the reveal of the character that Dania Ramirez will play. And it will be none other than Cinderella (article title picture), who also is adult Henry Mills’s wife and the mother of his daughter.

And if you are thinking, that wait, there already is a Cinderella in the Once universe, then we got an explanation for this as well. One of the show’s creators Edward Kitsis explained that: “Henry is in a new Enchanted Forest, with characters that we have seen before but with different tales.” Are you as excited as we are to see the new version of these iconic tales? And what do you think of the new OUAT Cinderella? Let me know in the comments below!

Important TV moments

Wynonna’s pregnancy made known

Although the previous Wynonna Earp episode was the one where we found out that Wynonna is pregnant. This week’s one finally revealed the pregnancy to the world as well. And gave us the reactions of other characters. From Doc to Dolls, we got them all. Which one did you love the best, Earpers?

Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones

However, the main highlight moments of TV this past week have to be Ed Sheeran’s cameo on the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere episode (video below). The fact that the musician will be on the show was known for quite some time, however, nobody knew what his cameo moment will look like. And the reveal of Ed’s GoT character did not disappoint. He played a Lannister knight and even sung a song on the show. And despite the fan backlash about this cameo, we at TVShowPilot thought that it was pretty sweet. Did you?

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