Take Two

During the spring pilot season, it is rare that a show, which hasn’t even aired, gets a straight-to-series order. However, ABC’s Take Two is one of the lucky ones and we will be able to watch this show on your TV screen this summer. So let’s find out what the buzz about Take Two is all about shall we?

Who’s in charge?

Right from the start Take Two was destined for greatness since the show’s creators are Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller, who were also the minds behind Castle. And lending a hand in producing are Rola Bauer from StudioCanal TV. Tim Halkin from Tandem Productions. As well as ABC Studios.

What’s this show about?

When it comes to the plot of the show, Take Two follows Eddie Valetik, a rugged lone-wolf private investigator. And the former star of a highly popular detective show Sam Swift. Sam hit a rough patch and ended up in rehab after one too many benders. But now she’s back and trying to rebuild her carrier by shadowing a real P.I. as part of her research for a potential new role. Yet after the unlikely pair solves a high-profile case, Eddie is faced with a surge of clients wanting to hire the investigator duo.

Who’s playing who?

The plot itself sounds interesting and fun, which only works to the show’s advantage. And when you add names like Eddie Cibrian and Rachel Bilson to the mix, who will be playing the lead roles of Eddie and Sam, you really have a recipe for success.

In addition to Cibrian and Bilson, this procedural also stars actors like Xavier De Guzman, Alice Lee and Aliyah O’Brien among others. De Guzman is playing Eddie’s assistant Berto. While Lee will take on the role of Sam’s loyal assistant Monica. And O’Brien will portray Eddie’s LAPD contact Detective Christine Rollins. Meaning that all three actors have booked series-regular roles, with others coming on a guest-star basis.

Updates on Take Two

Since we knew that Take Two got a 13-episode order. And that the show already booked deals for airing the series in countries like France and Germany, it pretty much made the airing of Take Two a done deal. But after the ABC upfronts, we learned that we will get to see this new series earlier than we thought. Because ABC is premiering Take Two on Thursday, June 21 at 10/9 central. And since the air date is this soon, we also have a trailer to share with you.

So now all that is left to do is to wait until June 21 to actually see the first episode of Take Two. And judging from the trailer, this show seems a lot of fun and the perfect summer series to wind down with after a long day at work.

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