ABC’s The Rookie: Feds: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer & More

Nathan Fillion is a very familiar face in the science fiction and crime drama genres, as he’s most known for his roles in Firefly and the titular character in Castle.

One of his most recent projects is the ABC police procedural The Rookie, which recently introduced a brand-new spin-off: The Rookie: Feds!

The spin-off series was first announced to be in the works in February 2022 through a pilot order and was subsequently presented as a backdoor pilot in The Rookie’s fourth season.

The season’s 19th and 20th episodes, titled “Simone” and “Enervo” respectively, introduce the main character that is set to be the focus of the new series.

From there, more casting decisions (and changes) were made, and now, The Rookie: Feds is set to premiere on September 27, 2022.

Here’s everything you should know about The Rookie: Feds!

Who’s in charge?

The Rookie: Feds was created by Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter, who also serve as executive producers Mark Gordon, Niecy Nash-Betts (who also plays the main protagonist), Nathan Fillion, Michelle Chapman, Bill Norcross, and Corey Miller.

ABC Signature is the studio co-producing the spin-off alongside main studio Entertainment One, and the latter is also the show’s international distributor.

What’s The Rookie: Feds about?

The parent series follows Fillion’s character John Nolan, who is a forty-five-year-old and newly divorced man who moves to LA to pursue a career with the LAPD. After graduating from the academy, he becomes the oldest rookie on the force and must navigate the challenges of not just his age, but a brand new career.

As mentioned, The Rookie: Feds was introduced as a backdoor pilot, in two episodes that require cooperation between the LAPD and the FBI.

FBI Trainee Simone Clark is called in to assist on a case and meets Nolan; the two immediately get along as they have the shared experience of being the oldest trainees in their respective agencies.

The Rookie: Feds then further explores Clark’s character, such as what led her to become an agent, more about her personal life, and even her romantic pursuits.

Who will we see?

Simone Clark was played by Niecy Nash-Betts in the original series and reprises her role in the spin-off.

Special Agent Matthew Garza was also in The Rookie and will continue to appear in Feds, with Felix Solis also returning to the role.

Unfortunately, Kat Foster’s character from the original, Special Agent Casey Fox, will not be continuing.

Frankie Faison was one of the first to join the cast as Christopher “Cutty” Clark, Simone’s father who was wrongly imprisoned in the 1980s.

Rounding out the cast are Britt Robertson, to play criminal profiler Laura Stensen who throws herself into her work to distract herself from recent heartbreak, Kevin Zegers to play Brendon Acres, a former method actor now fresh out of Quantico and out to prove that he can be taken seriously, and James Lesure to play Carter Hope, a former lawyer and now star agent as well as Clark’s trainer.

Make sure you catch The Rookie: Feds when it premieres on ABC on September 27th!

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