NBC’s La Brea: Premiere Date, Cast, First Trailer & More

Whenever something really embarrassing or cringey happens to us, our first thoughts are probably along the lines of “Oh God, please let the earth open up and swallow me whole.” An exaggerated response to reflect how humiliated we are because we know that the earth couldn’t really swallow us up on the spot.

But, well, what would you do if it did? How would you react if one day, a giant hole opened up in the ground and swallowed not just you, not just your family, but entire buildings in your city?

I don’t know about you but that seems more than a little terrifying to me. This scenario is the backdrop of NBC’s newest upcoming drama series La Brea, which is all set and ready to premiere on Tuesday, September 28th.

As early as January 2020, La Brea had already been greenlit with a pilot order. Production continued throughout the pandemic-ridden year with casting expansions and additional script orders until finally in January 2021, La Brea was given a straight-to-series order.

We’re pretty excited about this new show, so here’s everything that we know about NBC’s high concept drama, La Brea!

Who’s in charge of La Brea?

La Brea is created and written by David Applebaum, who has previously worked on projects such as NCIS: New Orleans. Applebaum will also be executive producing alongside Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott, Rachel Kaplan, Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt, Ken Woodruff, and Adam Davidson.

Thor Freudenthal is directing the pilot episode along with severe others throughout the season.

And the production studios involved are Keshet Studios in partnership with Universal Television, with the latter under the Universal Studio Group.

What’s La Brea about?

Like we mentioned earlier, the premise of La Brea involves a giant hole in the middle of a city. Specifically, in Los Angeles!

A massive sinkhole has opened up in LA, dragging down countless buildings and hundreds of people with it. It isn’t just any hole, however, as those who have survived the fall discover that it’s home to a primeval land full of dangers they never could have prepared for.

The fallen have no choice but to rely on each other in order to survive the mysterious land while those above scramble to find answers – and a way to save the fallen and bring them back to the surface.

While we will meet a whole slew of characters throughout the show, La Brea in particular follows a family split in half by the sinkhole, on their own journey to find answers and be reunited.

Who will we see in La Brea?

The Harris family at the center is set to be played by Eoin Macken (The Night Shift) as Gavin and Natalie Zea (The Detour) as his wife Claire. Their kids Josh and Izzy will be played by Jack Martin and Zyra Gorecki (Chicago Fire), respectively.

Through many casting changes during the pandemic, we’ll also be seeing these talents in La Brea: Josh McKenzie (Filthy Rich), Chloe De Los Santos (Tidelands), Karina Logue, Jon Seda (Chicago P.D.), Nicholas Gonzalez (The Good Doctor), Rohan Mirchandaney (Mystery Road), Chiké Okonkwo (Being Mary Jane), Veronica St. Clair, and Lily Santiago. Ione Skye (Camping) has also been tapped for a recurring role.

McKenzie will star as sarcastic drug dealer Lucas. With his opinionated police officer mom Marybeth Hill being played by Logue.

Santiago will play Veronica. With De Los Santos playing Veronica’s younger sister Lilly.

Seda will play ex-Navy Seal Dr. Sam Velez with his high achiever teenage daughter Riley being played by St. Clair.

Gonzalez will star as Air Force pilot and Gavin’s best friend Levi Brooks who will lead the mission to save the people who fell through the sinkhole.

Okonkwo will play Ty Colman who’s one of the strangers who falls into the sinkhole.

Finally, Mirchandeney will play Tar Pits Museum tour guide and sinkhole survivor Scott. And Skye will recure as Gavin’s sister Jessica Harris who’s a high-powered attorney and ofter acts as a second mother to Gavin’s daughter Izzy.

Stay tuned for more updates, and keep your eyes peeled for La Brea this fall airing on Tuesdays at 9/8 central on NBC with the premiere date set for September 28th.

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