The CW’s Walker: Premiere Date, Full Cast, First Trailer & More

With The CW’s Supernatural coming to a close after 15 beautiful seasons, it makes sense for us to wonder what’s next for its stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Well, never fear – we’ve got news on one of the two Winchester brothers!

Padalecki’s next project is another with The CW entitled Walker, which may sound a little familiar if you were around to appreciate a good action and crime procedural series during the 90s.

Walker is a reboot of the classic Walker, Texas Ranger that aired between 1993 and 2001, starring the iconic Chuck Norris in the eponymous role. The reboot will star Padalecki taking on the mantle of the titular role in the place of Norris.

The first news came in September 2019 when it was announced that the reboot was in development, and a month later, The CW had picked it up. By the time January 2020 had rolled around, The CW had opted to skip the pilot rounds and ordered Walker straight to series!

So, here’s everything that we know about The CW’s Walker, which premiered on Thursday, January 21st!

Who’s in charge of Walker?

Padalecki will also be executive producing the show alongside Anna Fricke (EP for Minority Report), who has also been credited as a writer. Joining them as executive producers are Dan Lin from his production company Rideback and Lindsey Liberatore with CBS Studios.

In terms of directors, there’s no news on that front. However, Padalecki’s on-screen brother Jensen Ackles has expressed an interest in possibly directing an episode or two, as he did with Supernatural. According to TV Guide, Ackles would be open to “come over and boss him around a little”, referring to his previous co-star.

What’s Walker about?

A straight reboot of the original as opposed to a sequel, the titular character, Cordell Walker, is a member of the highly esteemed Texas Rangers based out of Austin. The series is said to begin with Walker’s return to his hometown after two years on an undercover assignment and will follow his attempts to reconnect with his own family – that is, as a widow, just his son, and daughter.

He also strives to avoid clashes with the other members of his more conservative family members and find footing with his new partner on the force, Micki. Amidst the changes in both his personal and professional life, Walker tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.

Who will we see in Walker?

Walker’s new partner Micki will be played by Lindsey Morgan (The 100). Micki’s one of the first women in the Rangers as is described to be “focused and perceptive”. Her boyfriend, Trey Barnett, is set to be played by Jeff Pierre (Beyond).

Walker’s parents Bonham and Abeline Walker will be portrayed by Mitch Pileggi (Dallas) and Molly Hagan (No Good Nick). While his younger brother Liam, who stepped up during Walker’s absence, will be played by Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen.

Violet Brinson and Kale Culley were cast as Walker’s teenage children Stella and Arlo. And his late wife Emily, whose story will play out in flashbacks, will be portrayed by Padalecki’s real-life wife Genevieve Padalecki!

Additionally, Chris Labadie recently joined the cast as Jordan, an ex-con who knows how to get under Walker’s skin. Alex Landi will also star as Liam’s fiancé Bret. And Coby Bell will portray Ranger Captain Larry James.

Rounding out the cast are Gabriela Flores, who was cast as Stella’s best friend Isabel. Odette Annable, who will play Geri, an old friend of Walker and his late wife Emily’s. As well as Deke Anderson as Ed Manchester.


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And most recently Matt Barr joined the recurring cast of Walker as Walker’s best friend Hoyt, who will find himself on the opposite side of the law from Cordell Walker. And Rebekah Graf will also star in a recurring role. She will play Crystal, a woman who married a criminal in hopes to have a more exciting life.

Season 1 of Walker (which will consist of 18 episodes) premiered on The CW on Thursday, January 21st!

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