Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars final season gets a premiere date

Pretty Little Liars is probably one of Freeform’s (previously ABC Family) most recognized and most talked about shows ever since it premiered in 2010, but now, 6 years later, the show is finally coming to an end and Freeform just announced the premiere date for the last 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

So after 6 and a half seasons, the last batch of Pretty Little Liars episodes will premiere starting Tuesday, April 18. The show will air in its regular 8/7 central time slot. And, since this tv show is such a big deal not only to its network, but to all of the PLL fans and supporters, too, Deadline reports, that starting today, November 19, Freeform will kick off their 150-day countdown to the big PLL season 7B premiere.

You heard that right, the first of last 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars is only 150 short days away. And during this time you will be able to see new content from all previous 150 PLL episodes posted every day on various Pretty Little Liars social media accounts including their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and official website. On top of that, there will also be original messages from the cast of the show, as well as messages from “A” to help fans gear up for the #PLLEndGame. It really looks like Freeform is going all out for PLL season 7B, however, since the show is so popular and it is on it’s last leg, after long speculation of when it will end, I think this big and extensive of a marketing campaign is well deserved and much needed.

What will Pretty Little Liars season 7B hold? Well, from what Marlene King, the show-runner of the television series, told the press after PLL summer finale, we can gather that the second half of season 7 will pick up right were season 7A left off. On top of that, many secrets will be reveled in the last 10 episodes of the show, including who it Charlotte’s dad and what’s the deal with Spencer and her real parentage. We will also see a lot of characters form the previous Pretty Little Liars seasons come back to Rosewood, including Wren and, hopefully, Melissa. And there will be not one, but multiple weddings during the course of the last 10 PLL episodes. The last hurrah of Pretty Little Liars really sounds amazing, and hopefully we will get an ending that not only sends off our favorite liars in a nice and satisfactory way, but that all of our burning questions will be answered, so we are not left hanging after the show is done.


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