TSP monthly: Timeless, Jessica Jones season 2 trailers, Charmed reboot & more

With only two days left of this month, February is quickly coming to a close. So I thought that it is time to take a look at all the biggest TV-related news stories of this month and how exactly did February look when it comes to TV news. In this installment of TSP monthly, we have a plethora of renewals, some TV show trailers including one for Jessica Jones season 2 and Timeless season 2. And other TV series news bits that you do not want to miss. Here is TSP monthly for February.

Renewals & Cancelations

This past month has been quite big on renewals. And, luckily, only two shows got axed. However, one of these cancellations was very significant and marked the end of an era, because ABC officially canceled their long-running series Once Upon a Time. That’s right, after seven seasons, big cast changes and many fairy tales explored, Once Upon a Time will be coming to an end this spring. As for the only other two cancelations during this month, Netflix decided not to give their comedy series Disjointed a second season. And Fox also announced the official cancelation of Wayward Pines after two seasons on air.

But when it comes to TV show renewals there were many. Starting from the top, in the middle of February news broke that Amazon is renewing their drama Bosch for a fifth season. Which means that the streaming service really believes in this show, given that season 4 is yet to premiere. Another streamer Netflix decided to give their hit comedy Grace and Frankie fifth season as well, which will be released sometime in 2019. Then NBC did a double-duty renewal, announcing that they are giving additional seasons to both Midnight, Texas and Superstore. Speaking of comedies, Comedy Central ordered another round of Drunk History by renewing the show for a sixth season. Then HBO is also renewing both Crashing and High Maintenance. And for a more kid-friendly renewal option, Disney Chanel is also continuing their series Andi Mack another year by ordering a third season for this show.

The Charmed controversy

Ever since it was announced that Charmed is getting rebooted by The CW, there has been a huge controversy surrounding this new rendition of the classic show. Not only the fans of the original Charmed weren’t thrilled that the show is getting a reboot and without any of the original cast. But even the cast itself expressed dissatisfaction about The CW remaking Charmed. Mainly Holly Marie Combs, who slammed the network for cashing in on the original actor’s activism efforts.

Yet, as more and more details about the Charmed remake emerge, I can’t help but be interested to see how Charmed would look in this day and age. Especially, because I was and still am a fan of the original Charmed. The fact that The CW is working to get a larger representation for the LGBTQ community on screen by making one of the lead characters, Mel a lesbian. And casting a diverse group of actors to lead the show, which as of now includes Ser’Darius Blain, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery. Makes me think that the show might actually end up being good. Truly a modern-day Charmed. Of course, we will have to wait and see if that really is the case until this fall, when the pilot of the show will air. But I am still hopeful that this Charmed reboot will be good rather than a weak successor to the show that started it all.

Jessica Jones season 2 final trailed drops

We are only a little over a week away from the March 8 premiere of the highly-anticipated Jessica Jones season 2. And at the start of the month, Netflix dropped the final trailer for the newest season of the show (video below).

And as you would expect, the trailer shows Jessica Jones being her bad-ass self. However, although showing Jessica punching people and breaking glasses, the trailer also hones in on the more tortured aspects of Jessica’s life. So I have a feeling that Jessica Jones season 2 will be as heavy and dark as ever. What with Jessica trying to find out how and why did she gain her superhuman abilities. And how her past is connected to her parents’ death, Killgrave and so much more. Are you ready for Jessica Jones season 2? I know I am!

The Flash’s Iris’ suit revealed

We have known for a while now that Barry Allen’s now wife Iris will, in fact, be suiting up on this season of The Flash. But it wasn’t clear as to when or how it will happen. Until now, because recently The CW not only revealed the when and how. But they also dropped the first look at Iris’ superhero suit. And she is not quite the scarlet speedster we all associate when we hear the name The Flash (picture below).

Firstly, let’s talk about Iris’ suit. And surprise, surprise it isn’t red. It actually is in this beautiful blue-green color, which is quite opposite to Barry’s bright red. However, give that Iris is not supposed to replace Barry as The Flash, I have a feeling that the color pallet was intentional. As to when and how Iris gets to don the superhero mantle. The CW revealed that during the March 13th episode of The Flash appropriately titled “Run, Iris, Run” a new foe comes to Central City, whose ability is to switch people’s DNA. And, when Melting Pot swaps the newlywed’s DNA, Iris suddenly finds herself with Barry’s abilities. Doesn’t that sound like a real thrill of an episode? Too bad we have to wait a few weeks to see it.

Season 2 trailers for Timeless and Westworld

On top of the Jessica Jones season 2 trailer debuting this month, two more trailers for fan-favorite shows were released in February. Firstly, during SuperBowl HBO’s Westworld aired the first look at the second season of the show (video below). The visually beautiful trailer set to the instrumental cover of Kanye West’s Runaway, shows just what kind of mayhem we can expect to see in the second season of Westworld.

While a few weeks later NBC’s Timeless also revealed their new trailer for season 2 (video below). And the Timeless season 2 trailer, just like the ones for Jessica Jones and Westworld, gave us a feel for the new season of the show without giving away too much. Yet, at the same time, it did give us some tidbits to look forward to while watching season 2. For example, scenes from the season 2 premiere. As well as a kiss between Wyatt and Lucy. I have to say, this promo really got me excited for the new season. Can’t wait for March 11, when Timeless season 2 episode 1 airs on NBC!

First promo for Lost in Space reboot is out

And finally, not too long ago Netflix also unveiled the first official trailer for the new version of Lost in Space (video below).

Based on the 1960s sci-fi series of the same name, the Netflix reboot will follow a family, The Robinsons, as they embark on a trip to Jupiter to build a new colony there. However, during transit, something goes wrong and the Robinson Family crash-lands on an unknown planet. So now they have to not only find a way to leave the strange planet, but also to survive on it while they figure out how to do that. This sci-fi series truly sounds interesting. So be sure to tune in on April 13, when all 10 episodes of Lost in Space drops on Netflix.

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