Week in retrospect: Marvel’s Inhumans & The Defenders sneak peeks, OUAT finale scoop, 13 Reasons Why renewed

This latest week was very busy when it comes to TV news and big TV moments. Mainly because a lot of our favorite shows are nearing their season finales, so we are hearing a lot about TV show renewals, cancellations, and finale scoops. But this week was especially big for Marvel TV projects, as three of their properties gave us glimpses of what’s to come. The Defenders debuted its first full trailer. And Marvel’s Inhumans and Runaways showed first photos and teasers. On top of that, we also saw two shows being canceled, two being renewed and learned a bit more about Once Upon a Time season 7 finale. While in TV moments it was all about weddings and character deaths. So here is Week in Retrospect: April 30 to May 7.

TV News items

Marvel’s The Defenders drops the first trailer

This past week was big in the Marvel TV show universe because there was not one, not two but three pieces of news regarding Marvel TV show properties. First off, Netflix dropped the first trailer for the long-awaited Marvel’s The Defenders (video below). And it finally gave us a glimpse of what the dynamic between the four main characters, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will be, come August 18, when the show premieres.

First sneak peek at Marvel’s Inhumans and Runaways

Secondly and thirdly, Marvel also treated us to first looks at two of their other original shows. One was Marvel’s Inhumans. Which not only showed us how all the main characters will look like (post titular photo) but also set up the tone of this upcoming Imax experience.

Additionally to Marvel’s Inhumans, Marvel also finally gave a bit more information on Runaways, the TV series they are developing with Hulu. Now we know that Hulu has officially signed off on this show, ordering the first season of the show. And we also know how the main group of characters will look like when the show airs either late this year or early 2018.

Fox’s Pitch and NBC’s Emerald City canceled after only 1 season

While the previously mentioned three shows are full of hope of being the next big thing, two shows, unfortunately, were canceled last week by their respective networks. Monday came with the news that Fox had axed its baseball drama titled Pitch. The show didn’t enjoy huge ratings but had a solid fan base. Which unfortunately wasn’t enough to warrant a second season.

Similarly, NBC also canceled their freshman drama Emerald City. This Wizard of Oz inspired show premiered only this January and aired all of its 10-episode season 1. Unfortunately, it won’t go beyond those initial dozen episodes.

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale get second seasons

On a brighter note, this last week two big shows got their season 2 orders. First up, Selena Gomez, one of the show’s executive producers, announced that 13 Reasons Why in fact will be back for another season. No surprise there, since this show is the most tweeted-about show of this year. Additionally, Hulu’s conversation-inducing The Handmaid’s Tale also got a season 2 order from the subscription service.

OUAT finale promises closure

Now that the Once Upon a Time musical episode has aired, all that has left of season 6 is the two-hour finale on May 14. And since early today (which I still count as last week) the show’s lead actress Jennifer Morrison announced that if OUAT does get season 7 she will appear on only one episode, fans are wondering if the season finale episode will indeed bring closure.

But rest assured, because Once bosses Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz promises closure to the story lines that have gone on for these last 6 seasons. Like Adam Horowitz told Entertainment Weekly: “By the end of the season finale, a lot of what we’ve been doing for the last six years is wrapped up, and we hope in a very satisfying way.” So have no fear, it might be the end of an OUAT era for some of the show’s actors, but it will be totally satisfying for us fans.

Important TV moments

Once Upon a Time musical episode

Speaking of Once Upon a Time, the biggest TV moment of this past week definitely needs to go to the Once musical episode. Because it was fantastic! The episode not only furthered the story and set up the two-part season finale, but it also gave us a lot of moments that many of us have been wanting to see for a long time.

It gave us a beautiful Captain Swan wedding. “The Song in Your Heart” showed Emma realizing that she had never been alone. It brought some bad-ass dance moves from Lana Parrilla and some amazing vocals from Rebecca Mader as well as the rest of the cast. And the episode ended with a big group number with everyone singing and dancing. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect Once episode. And it will definitely go down as one of my very favorites of the whole show. A happy beginning now is ours.. na.. na.. na..

Severide’s loss on Chicago Fire

Another big TV moment, which was a lot less happy than the previously mentioned, was Severide losing Anna on Chicago Fire. Their whirlwind romance started out unusually with Severide donating his bone marrow to Anna. But even that and the love they grew between them didn’t help Anna beat cancer. So once again Severide faced a huge loss. And once again Taylor Kinney did a phenomenal job during these tough scenes. Will this loss make Severide stronger or break him into pieces? That remains to be seen. But nevertheless, these scenes were heartbreakingly beautiful. Or maybe beautifully heartbreaking would be a more appropriate term.

Yvonne’s death on Pretty Little Liars

This TV week seemed to be all about weddings and deaths, as in multiple shows all across different networks characters got married and someone died. And that was also the case of latest Pretty Little Liars episode, as it encompassed both. On the last episode of PLL season 7A we saw Toby and Yvonne get into a car accident. And although during the latest episodes it seemed like Toby’s fiancé was getting better, ultimately that wasn’t the case, because she died at the very end of episode 713. But it was even more devastating to Toby because moments before he and Yvonne got married. It was a shocker that I didn’t expect. But I guess I gave to be ready for many more Pretty Little Liars moments like this, as these are the last 10 episodes of the series ever.

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