Week in retrospect: Bones final episode set-up, show renewals and TOP TV moments

TV News items:

David Boreanaz lands his first post-Bones gig

Since Bones is coming to an end, the Bones final episode airs next Tuesday, March 28, the show’s stars will have to find new gigs. But looks like Agent Booth is moving on rather quickly because David Boreanaz has already booked his next role. He will go from playing an FBI agent to embodying a Navy SEAL leader Jason in the CBS upcoming drama pilot about an elite group of solders who take the most dangerous missions for the government.

Katie McGrath is sticking around National City

Although we know for a while that the CW’s Supergirl has been renewed for season 3, finally we have some casting news as well. Looks like Lena Luthor might have a bigger role on Supergirl next season, since Katie McGrath, the woman who plays Lena, has been promoted to a series regular.

Heartland lands season 11

CBC’s Heartland already is the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in the history of Canadian television. But, since this week it was announced that the show is, in fact, getting a season 11, their record will be even hard to beat for any TV series, let alone a Canadian one. So now we can enjoy the last episode of Heartland season 10, which airs today, in peace, because we know that no matter what happens, the show will be back this fall.

Heartland season 10 DVD

Stitchers are back in action

Speaking of new seasons, now we know when the premiere date of Stitchers season 3 is. Since Stitchers is a part of the Freeform’s summer lineup, the show starts its season 3 run on Monday, June 5. It will be occupying Freeform’s 9/8 central slot on Mondays, so you can be sure that the beginnings of your work weeks this summer will be a little brighter.

CBS announces their early renewals

And, one of the biggest US TV networks CBS announced their early renewals and 16 shows got picked up for new seasons. Among which were newbie shows like Macgyver, Bull, and Kevin Can Wait, and shows that have been enjoying longer runs like Hawaii Five-0, both NCIS spin-offs, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods and others.

Important TV moments:

Hook proposes on Once Upon a Time

Although it wasn’t quite the proposal we all were hoping for with an elaborate plan and romantic setting, our favorite Storybrook couple Hook and Emma are in fact engaged. Now we just need to hope that when Hook tells Emma that he killed her grandfather, she will understand and still want to marry him.

Cam and Arastoo’s wedding

In the second-to-last Bones episode, we not only really started to see the beginning of the end of all the main character stories, but we also got to experience Cam and Arastoo’s wedding. Granted it was intercut with scenes from the next day, Kovac’s escape and Zack’s trail, but it was still great to see the two finally tie the knot. Top it all off with an explosion at the end of the episode and you have yourself an amazing set up for Bones final episode, which airs next week.

Jay Halsted is married?

Speaking of weddings and marriages, this week’s Chicago P.D. episode revealed a shocking twist regarding Jay Halsted’s character. It turns out he is still married to his ex-girlfriend Abby. Although they got married in Vegas and it, in Jay’s mind, was a short fling, to Abby is apparently was not, because she didn’t sign the divorce papers, meaning that she and Jay are still married. How about that turn of events?

The Flash and Supergirl crossover

Finally, I can’t forget that this week marked another crossover in the Arrow-verse. We finally saw the much talked about and the much-anticipated musical episode of The Flash, which featured many Supergirl characters. And I have to say, the Supergirl/Flash musical was so much better than anticipated. The songs were fun, the dance numbers were amazingly choreographed and the story, although stood on its own, also propelled the regular story lines of both shows further.

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