The Red Line

Drama has long been a favorite genre among TV viewers. And this season CBS is coming out with a new one. One that seamlessly combines family drama, politics and crime. Want to know more about The Red Line? The keep on reading!

Who’s in charge?

The Red Line comes from writers Caitlin Parrish and Erica Weiss. Who also executive produces the upcoming series with Greg Berlanti, Ava DuVernay and Sarah Schechter. With Victoria Mahoney directing the pilot episode as well as producing this drama. And Warner Bros. Television serving as the production studio behind the project.

What’s this show about?

This upcoming drama tells the story of three families – the Calders, the Evans and the Youngs – whose lives intersect after a white police officer wrongly kills an African-American doctor. Each of the three families is very different from one another. Yet the tragic shooting links the households together in a bond of sadness and loss but also hope and strength. That will help the families rise above the heartbreaking tragedy and the politically-charged events that follow it.

Who’s playing who?

With such a current and hot-button premise, it is good thing The Red Line has cast actors able to carry such a heavy subject matter.

Noel Fisher will portray the role of Paul Evans, the young cop that shot the doctor and now is plagued by guilt and the consequences of his mistake. With Michael Patrick Thornton playing Paul’s older brother Jim Evans. He himself is a former cop, who was forced to retire after he was shot in the line of duty. And is perplexed by the charges that Paul is facing. And Elizabeth Laidlaw starring as Paul’s loyal police partner Victoria “Vic” Renna.

Howard Charles and Emayatzy Corinealdi will make up the Young family. Charles will take on the role of Ethan Young. A Chicago’s Red Line train operator who wholeheartedly supports his wife Tia’s, played by Corinealdi, political aspirations. Yet isn’t as sure about Tia’s daughter Jira’s efforts to reconnect with them after losing one of her adoptive father’s in the fatal shooting.

And last but not least, Noah Wyle and Aliyah Royale will portray Daniel Calder and Jira Calder-Brennan. The husband and daughter who lost their loved one in the accident. Daniel is a high school teacher who’s trying to wrap his head around being a single parent to his adopted daughter Jira after Paul accidentally kills his husband. With Vinny Chhibber taking on the role of Liam Bhatt. A fellow high school teacher who lends some much-needed emotional support to both Daniel and Jira.

The latest on The Red Line

Although no premiere date has been set for this new drama, CBS did give it a series order back in May. Which means that we will be seeing The Red Line sometime in the upcoming broadcast TV season.

So if you want to know when then check back here for all the latest on grates on The Red Line. As well as other pilots that will be premiering this coming TV broadcast season.

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