CBS’ The Unicorn: Release Date, Synopsis, Trailer & More

Despite the whimsical title, this new comedy from CBS isn’t going to be about rainbows and mythical creatures! But a “unicorn” doesn’t always mean the fabled one-horned horse. At least not anymore. Nowadays a unicorn is what you call someone who is highly desirable, whether through personality or looks, but is hard to find or catch. And that’s exactly what we’re going to see in CBS’ The Unicorn this fall.

What’s the story?

The Unicorn chronicles the story of Wade Felton, a newly single father of two adolescent daughters as he tries to navigate his way through the dating world after the loss of his wife one year ago.

However, after 20 years in a committed relationship, Wade finds himself way too ill-equipped to manage dating on his own. So he seeks the help of his tight-knit group of friends and even his daughters.

But to his surprise, he ends up being quite the hot commodity amongst women. He is, after all, the epitome of a unicorn: handsome, obviously committed, a devoted parent, and employed. The Unicorn has all the makings of a hilariously heartwarming family comedy that’s bound to tickle your funny bone at every turn.

The Unicorn series development

Development on The Unicorn started in February 2019 with a pilot order. Which was followed by the series order 3 months later in May and the first official trailer a week after that.

The pilot episode was written by Bill Martin and Mike Schiff. While John Hamburg (who also executive-produced the pilot) directed the first episode of this new CBS comedy series.

The production studios behind The Unicorn are CBS Television Studios, Trill TV, and Kapital Entertainment. So, executive producing the show are Martin and Schiff, as well as Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Wendi Trilling, and Peyton Reed.

Right before CBS released the trailer, they also announced that The Unicorn would debut in the fall TV schedule. And now an official premiere date has been set as well. The Unicorn will premiere on September 26, 2019. And will air every Thursday night at 8:30/7:30 central.

Who will we see?

CBS made their casting choices for The Unicorn in March, not too long after the pilot order was given.

The first casting announcement included Walton Goggins (Vice Principal, The Shield) as Wade. As well as Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine) and Omar Benson Miller (CSI: Miami) as Wade’s best friends Forrest and Ben. And Michaela Watkins (Casual) and Maya Lynne Robinson (The Conners) as their wives Delia and Michelle.

After The Unicorn was given the series order, CBS announced that Ruby Jay (Fancy Nancy) and Makenzie Moss would be joining the main cast as Grace and Natalie Felton, Wade’s young daughters. And we have to say, their casting as sisters is so spot-on! Because they look so similar they could actually pass as sisters in real life!

And what’s more exciting is that in The Unicorn we will finally get to see a side of Walton Goggins that we don’t really see in his big-screen appearances. Most of the time, he plays the bad guy. So often, in fact, that you could even say he has the face of a villain. So it will certainly be a breath of fresh air to finally see him play a vulnerable, devoted father.

Catch The Unicorn every Thursday night starting September 26, only on CBS.


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